Foot Locker x PAQ


FRUKT were tasked to help inspire and engage consumers from pan-European markets with Foot Locker’s key black styles.


Following the success of our previous Summer Rotation campaign, we once again partnered with Kyra TV – YouTube channel, arguably the world’s foremost youth-orientated fashion entity and home to the multi-award-winning streetwear show PAQ, dubbed the “Top Gear for Fashion”.

We’d identified PAQ as an ideal partner for Foot Locker, boasting a highly relevant and engaged audience as part of their uniquely transparent model that offers overt but authentic brand integration and creative collaboration.

How We Pressed Play

FRUKT challenged the PAQ boys to each create product-centric video look-books that represent their creative interpretation of what summer rotation means to them.

To supplement and build out from the master episode that lives on YouTube, we created additional bitesize content deliverables for use on Foot Locker channels:


Master Content 

·      1 x full length PAQ episode on YouTube (24 minutes)

Foot Locker content 

·      1 x cut down trailer video (15-30 seconds)

·      4 x talent digital lookbooks (60 seconds each)

·      1 x longer form edit (2 mins)

·      1 x shorter form edit (60 seconds)

·      1 x Instagram story teaser video (10-15 seconds)

·      36 x stills

Foot Locker Brand Integration:

·      All content presented ‘In partnership with Foot Locker’

·      Animated front tile including Foot Locker logo on YouTube content

·      Branded mid-roll utilising talent from the show (30 sec duration)

·      Authentic product integration where agreed

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